Upon your arrival at Patriot Paintball you will be issued with your paintballing equipment for the day.
This will include the following items:

a camouflage suit,
a four-pot battle pack
a JT flex paintball mask

After the safety briefing and battle plan for your first mission, you will
be issued your Piranha semi-automatic field marker (or GUN!)
from the gunroom. Now you are ready to play!

Patriot Paintball only use the latest paintball equipment available on the market
today. This will add to your total playing experience resulting in a trouble-free day whilst at our venue.
Your paintball marker will be maintained by our experienced staff, who will clean it for you between missions.

The tank on the back of the gun is good for 600-800 shots and if it runs low
we will refill it free of charge.
The paintball loader on top of the gun will hold around 200 paintballs. If you run out you can reload at a cost of £ 5.00 per 100 balls.
All the equipment you need for the day's paintballing (except gloves and
boots) is included in your game fee and there are no 'hidden extras' or costly upgrades to consider.
Everyone gets the same equipment, which is of the highest quality.
We also have a policy of keeping our equipment meticulously maintained, cleaned and constantly updated for your enjoyment.

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